TOP LED SHELVES - 20.86 inches (530mm)

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Product Description

TOP LED SHELVES - 20.86 inches (530mm)

The first is an LED shelf that attaches directly to any hard-back surface. Illumination is the key to beautiful merchandising. Our new glass shelves provide up-market feature lighting for your eyewear. The design is simple yet the result is sophisticated, giving you the means to present your eyewear to the world in the most striking and efficient way. Both the upper and lower surfaces of the shelves are made from frosted glass allowing soft LED light to pass through. Your frames are therefore bathed in the most perfect light from below and above. You can even choose different colors of front finishing to match the style of your interior design.

LED Shelf 530mm : 7.68 X 20.87 x 1.38"

Available in White.

The Transformer needs to be purchased separately. You will need to purchase one transformer for each 3 x 930mm shelves or 5 x 530 mm shelves.

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