Locking Custom Shelf Systems

Item#: DW-31-60-SHLF-XX-LK

Product Description


The Locking Custom Shelf System is ideal for displaying your valuables in a secure and stylish fashion. The sliding protective door panels easily slide open and closed, and are secured with a key lock that ensures your merchandise is protected at all times. The sleek, sophisticated polished acrylic case features stainless-steel hardware and includes five full size shelves. This secured system fills the demand for a lockable optical display panel that is both attractive and simple to operate, without sacrificing safety or functionality. The back panel is available in 4 colors as seen below. The housing and the shelves of the locking unit will always be in clear unless requested otherwise.

Dimensions: 31 3/4 (H) X 36 1/2 (W) x 5.75 (deep) in inches

Shelf Dimensions: 36.5(W) x 3.94 deep 3/8 (Thick) in inches

Ships flat. Assembly required.

This Package includes:

- All acrylic parts and panels

- 8 x 85 mm long Stainless Steel Standoffs

- 15 Plated Steel Shelf Standoffs

*Note: Depending on destination and size of the order, additional shipping charges may apply.

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